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We help children with cancer

Direct support for cancer sufferers and their caring families.

We fund non-animal tested research.

Metro Snow Kids

Dedicated volunteers

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Caring Cancer Trust, its shops and projects, are run by dedicated volunteers. This means more of your donations go directly to help Cancer sufferers and their caring families, and to fund groundbreaking Non-animal tested Research.
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Cancer Research Funding

Against animal testing

We fund ethical original research that does not inolve the use of live animals or embryonic stem cells.
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VOS Alpine Snowkids

Metro Snow Kids

Over 2000 kids are diagnosed with life threatening Cancer each year in UK. We run a dedicated support programme for these children, providing gifts and play facilities for them while they are being treated in hospital, and recuperative snow and summer Alpine Healing holidays of Adventure when they are recovering, helping them to regain their self-confidence and rekindle their passion for life in an inspirational environment.
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Caring Cancer Trust
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